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Debt Capital Market Services

  1. Letter of credit

    Letters of Credit (LC) are used to mitigate the various risks inherent in international trade. Be it buyer’s risk, country risk or most importantly payment risk, the issuing bank guarantees payment to the supplier provided the terms and conditions of the letter of credit have been complied with. BARCLAYS BANK EGYPT offers various forms of irrevocable LCs including:

    • Import letters of credit
    • Revolving Letters of credit
    • Transferable Letters of credit
    • Standby letters of credit
  2. Import Documentary Collections

    By informing your supplier to send their shipping documents to BARCLAYS BANK EGYPT, you will enjoy prompt advice upon our receipt of documents and efficient payment according to your instructions. Under documentary collections, your overseas suppliers present appropriate documentation to their bankers which are then forwarded to us to facilitate collection on their behalf. We ensure that you are advised promptly and that their instructions are carried out exactly as per their requirements. Different forms of financing can be arranged based on the presentation of appropriate documentations

  3. Import Letter of credit Refinancing/import bills refinancing

    This is usually applicable in instances where certain unfavorable market conditions exist on the due payment date and for one reason or another, the applicant is not able to make settlement. We can arrange to make settlement of both sight and usance import letters of credit or documentary collections on your behalf and refinance locally up to 270 days after payment date depending on your requirements. This can be applied in various instances and ultimately provides you with flexibility to manage your cash-flows.

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If you are in the export business, we can help you with Export L/C advising, L/C Confirmation, L/C examination/Negotiation and Export Bills for Collections.

Export letter of credit advising

Benefit from prompt advising of export letter of credit from a wide international network through BARCLAYS BANK EGYPT.

  • Export letter of credit confirmation

    Exporters may deal not only with unknown foreign buyers, but also with their banks which are less well known institutions and whose letter of credit (LC) may not be sufficient comfort. By requesting BARCLAYS BANK EGYPT to confirm your export LCs, you obtain our guarantee of payment for document presented in compliance with the credit.

    Barclays bank worldwide network, including bank branches and correspondent banks, is very strong and helping to ease the process of communication between offshore parties.

  • Pre-shipment export financing

    We provide pre-shipment finance against irrevocable letters of credit from or purchase orders in a number of currencies to allow you to trade with confidence. If you need to fulfill a sales contract but need funds to purchase raw materials or process goods for export, BARCLAYS BANK EGYPT offers you pre-shipment export financing in a variety of currencies.

  • Post shipment finance

    Post shipment finance provides cheaper access to funds after shipment but before maturity. This can be done through negotiation/discounting and can therefore enhance your cash-flow position thus further enabling you to focus on your core business. To facilitate this, the fulfillment of all the terms and conditions under the credit is required

  • Letter of credit documents examination and negotiation

    BARCLAYS BANK EGYPT 's thorough checking standards will reassure you that your documents will not be rejected. Strict service standards are applied to ensure that your documents are negotiated and dispatched quickly.

  • Export bills for collection

    We send documents to an importer’s bank on behalf of an exporter and track to ensure that the payments is received from the importer’s bank and promptly credited to the account of the exporter.

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Other Trade Products & Services


With a Guarantee, a bank, as a guarantor, undertakes to pay the beneficiary, a stated sum should the third party fail to perform an obligation. BARCLAYS BANK EGYPT is able to offer its clients an array of Guarantees/bonds namely bid bonds, performance guarantees, advance payments guarantees, retention money guarantees, shipping guarantees and custom guarantees applicable in different circumstances.

Avalisation of Bills of exchange

Exporters may require a third party, usually a bank, to guarantee payment of a bill of exchange drawn on an importer under a trade contract. This action is known as an "avalisation" and can be provided on behalf of the importer upon request. By endorsing the bill on the back, the bank commits itself unconditionally to pay should the drawee default.

An "avalised" bill substitutes the bank's risk for the importers risk thus providing the exporter with assurance that payment will be met. This bill can subsequently be discounted or used to negotiate better credit terms thus can enhance the trading relationship with the importer.

Bills Discounting

This facility allows an exporter to obtain an advance from the bank, thus increasing their liquidity. The advance is based on the face value of the trade bill drawn by the exporter. The discounting can be done with recourse to the drawer or without recourse to the drawer.

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