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Save small, earn big returns, live your dream!

  • Want to be a millionaire? Save EGP 5K monthly for10 years and get EGP1 million.
  • Want to buy a BMW for EGP 800K in 5 years, save EGP10.5K monthly and get your dream car.
  • Want to go for Euro Trip in 3 years and it will cost you EGP 35K, save EGP 800 monthly and have your dream trip.

What are the account main features?

  • Currency: EGP only
  • Account opening Fees: free
  • Min instalment amount: EGP 100 and in multiples of 100 thereafter and max is EGP 100K.
  • Tenors: 3, 5, 7, 10 years only.
  • Instalment payments: Monthly. Payment in full. Partial or extra payments not allowed.
  • Instalment grace period: 5 working days.
  • Minimum holding period: 3 months holding period
  • Interest Calculation Method: Interest on Deposits is compounded monthly on actual balance
  • Penalty on delayed Installment: Zero interest for overdue month.
  • Overdue Installments: If customer fails to save three consecutive instalments, the bank reserves the right to prematurely close the recurring deposit scheme.
  • Credit Card joining fees: Free credit card with Ahlamy account
  • Early redemption charges: customer will be charged premature withdrawal penalty from applied interest as per below table
Recurring Deposit Breakage Penalty
First three months 1st Year (after three months) From Year 2 to end of year 5 From Year 5 to end of year 10
Penalty % deducted from applied interest Zero interest 6% 5% 4%