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Barclays Bank is committed to supporting the communities in which we live and work. At the core of the community investment programme is the desire to support Egyptian youth. Barclays launched the “Barclays accelerator”, a competition which focuses on technology startups with a passion for innovation from all over the world. The winner is granted tools and equipment, such as access to our technology platform and facilities, plus support for startups to get their products or services to market. Barclays supported the “Enactus competition” which aims to enable youth to develop sustainable projects in their communities. Barclays additionally committed an additional EGP 350,000 for the Barclays Academy to further support young startups. Through the community investment program, Barclays Bank continues to forge partnerships and finance a number of local organizations and foundations to help reach our goal of helping people achieve their ambitions in the right way. Barclays Bank continued to support the Nurses Training project to provide academic and practical training to 500 nurses in cooperation with Gozour Foundation and the Ministry of Health, where they will be employed by local hospitals upon their completion of the training.

Global Partnerships 
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Employee programme

About the Employee programme

At the heart of the Barclays citizenship programme is the desire to engage employees and to support them to get involved. The Employee programme is a vital component in the citizenship agenda and allows employees access to grants to support the charities and causes they care about the most. We aim to harness the energy and skills of our employees, helping them to give and gain by being involved in their local communities. It is important to encourage and inspire Barclays employees to support the causes they most care about. To that end, Barclays offers a range of resources to harness the energy and skills of colleagues all over the world, helping them to give and gain by being involved in their local communities. This includes grants, matched fundraising, and a time-off policy to undertake volunteering activities.

Employee programme


In 2015, over 600 volunteers donated their time and skills to community volunteering activities.Barclays employees are encouraged to give their time, energy and skills to the causes they care about, supported with paid time away from work and team grants. Colleagues have a huge amount to give - and - gain by getting involved.

Matched fundraising grants

For employees that choose to raise money for their favourite charities and community organisations, Barclays matched fundraising programme will recognise their efforts and match what they raise up to EGP 7,000

Why does Barclays encourage employees to support their local community?

At Barclays our community investment programme exists to achieve a three-way win: a win for the community, for our employees and for Barclays. A benefit to all parties enables a positive and sustainable impact.

As an organisation, we have a responsibility to ensure the good health and prosperity of the communities around the world where we live and work. It's important to us that we engage those communities in how best we can support them,by:

  • partnering with the charities/community organisations best placed to understand local needs
  • involving partners in stakeholder research to shape future strategy
  • using expertise from the voluntary sector to develop Barclays community policies
  • employing a team of 60 community managers globally to manage local stakeholders.

We don't want to be the organisation that just writes the big cheque. Instead we want to embrace the skills and time of our colleagues as they have a huge amount to give - and gain - by being involved. So we:

  • enable employees to decide how they want to get involved - personal choice is a powerful motivator
  • listen to what they have to say through ongoing feedback and research
  • regularly communicate the support and opportunities available
  • engage colleagues as community champions to coordinate and drive activity locally
  • help colleagues build on their skills.

Community champions and projects

Information for NGOs

We form partnerships with the charities, community organisations, NGOs and social enterprises that are best placed to understand local needs and complement our own expertise.If you feel your organization is working to address one of our themes then we urge you to complete the application below and send to