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August 2015

In cooperation with e-Finance, Barclays Egypt launches E-payment Service for corporate banking

Thanks to the new service, companies can now pay taxes electronically through any Barclays branch

Making sure to offer new banking services and facilitate transactions for its clients, Barclays Egypt has launched taxes and customs duties E-payment service for the corporate and investment sector. The new service has been launched in cooperation with e-Finance.

Barclays E-payment system allows corporate customers to pay their due taxes and customs duties electronically. Now, there is no need to head to tax or customs authorities to make payments through bank checks. El Shafei, Barclays Corporate Banking Director Barclays Bank Egypt SAE and Interim Regional Head of Corporate for Kenya & Tanzania , stated: “Tax and customs duties E-payment service offers great advantage to our corporate clients. They can now make their tax payments electronically through any of our widespread network of branches nationwide; it’s a time-saver. On top of that, E-payment helps boost cash flow circulation in Egyptian economy.”

He added: “The new service strengthens Barclays role in the Egyptian banking sector. It allows us to provide better service for our clients, and further helps achieve the government plan for all payments to go paperless, which will reflect positively on the Egyptian economy.” added Amr

Barclays Bank Egypt Celebrates 150 Years in the Egyptian Market

Barclays Bank Egypt celebrated its 150th year in the Egyptian market amongst a delegation from Barclays Group and Barclays Africa led by Mizinga Melu, Chief Executive, Barclays Africa Regional Management and Mick Roemer, Compliance Director Barclays Group. A gala dinner was held for over 700 customers, partners and stakeholders within the historical walls of the Cairo Citadel where Barclays elegantly showed their journey over the past 150 years.

Mizinga Melu, stated, Barclays is the only bank in Africa that is fully local and fully global, with a competitive advantage to build their strategy through a combination of global product knowledge with regional expertise and the well-established and extensive local presence in markets. The festive dinner ended with a performance by the Lebanese pianist and composer Guy Manoukian.

After 146 Years and for the 2nd Time Barclays Bank witnesses the Suez Canal Opening Ceremony

Barclays Bank has witnessed some of Egypt’s most significant historical events over the course of its presence in the Egyptian market, which has spanned 150 years. It is with great honor that once again Barclays Bank Egypt is present to witness the opening of the Suez Canal as it did back in 1869, making it part of Egypt’s economic milestones over the last two centuries.

Barclays successful presence in the Egyptian banking sector for a century and a half is a reflection of its strategic policies, its understanding of the market needs and its ability to meet customer demands through innovative banking products and services, which have made it one of Egypt’s oldest banks with an unparalleled continuity capacity in such a promising market.

The completion of the New Suez Canal project in just one year highlights Egypt’s attractive investment climate, particularly that the Egyptian market enjoys a range of features that make it truly distinguished among world markets, including its size, its strategic location and its promising growth potential.

Tarek Elrefai, General Manager, Interim Managing Director & Board Member of Barclays Bank Egypt, stated, “The New Suez Canal is not merely a shipping route; it is a major national project that signals remarkable development potential for the country as a whole, particularly with the onset of new logistics projects in the strategic area surrounding the Canal. Such projects will help stimulate the Egyptian economy and greatly increase national income, foreign currency reserves and create thousands of job opportunities.”

Elrefai added, “Barclays Bank Egypt has always supported the Egyptian economy throughout its presence in country and is committed to continuing to encourage national projects and expand in Egypt with great confidence in the market our coming period.”

Barclays leadership in Egypt has been marked by the bank’s integral role in the Egyptian economy. A clearly defined banking policy that is based on supporting and financing strategic projects and expanding in the retail sector through the opening of more branches to provide diversity its portfolio and cater to different customer segments.

Barclays Egypt” won the “Highest growth amongst global Banks in Egypt” award

Barclays Bank Egypt has been awarded the “highest growth Global Bank Award” for the year 2014 by the Global Banking and Finance. The Global Banking and Finance is one of the biggest organizations specialized in evaluation in the banking sector, operating in 230 countries; accordingly Barclays Bank Egypt is honored to recognized by this reputable organization.

The “Global Banking and Finance” webpage is one of the most well performing economical web pages offering information and best practice on the banking and finance sectors and successful organizations throughout the world; this is in reference to “Alexa” organization’s evaluation of the webpage according to number of visitors and users of the page.

Mr. Tarek Elrefai, Interim Managing Director, stated “our ability to obtain such an award can be attributed to our strategic success aiming to extend and open new branches in addition to newly innovative services for customers.” He also added that “Barclays Bank Egypt has seen positive results, achieving high growth despite challenges in the banking sector. We are proud of this success and with the experience we have gained throughout our contribution in Egypt for the past 150 years.”

Barclays bank Egypt had been awarded several awards including recognition on high performance award in 2011; awarded by EMEA Finance magazine. In addition Barclays won the “Most Effective Recovery of the Year” Award in 2011 awarded by CIR Magazine.

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26 May 2014

For immediate release

Barclays wins Best Credit Card Product Business in Africa award for 2014

Barclays has been named the winner of Best Credit Card Product in Africa award for the year 2014 at The Asian Banker's first annual Middle East and Africa Awards Ceremony. The awards ceremony was held at the Ritz Carlton, DIFC, Dubai on April 30th 2014.

As economies expand and people become wealthier across Africa, the demand for travel is increasing at a rapid pace especially among affluent segment customers. To meet customer needs, Barclays last years launched its Worldmiles programme for its Platinum Barclaycard holders. Under this programme, customers can earn airmiles on every dollar spent.

Unlike other co-branded miles reward credit cards that are exclusive to one airline, Worldmiles members can redeem their Worldmiles for tickets from any airline registered with IATA. Moreover, Worldmiles is not restricted by season or seat.

Barclays acquired 28,000 customers within the first year of the card's launch and the Barclays Wordmiles Platinum cards has gained 31% market share. Barclays has 18% market share of credit card spends.

Commenting on the award, Barclays Africa Retail Banking Director Rajal Vaidya said: "This recognition demonstrates our long term approach to creating a customer centric value proposition which is core to Barclays becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank in Africa. We are honoured to be a winner in one of the most prestigious and anticipated Awards programmes, worldwide."

Lending Director, Vimal Kumar said: "It is a huge recognition of the great work we have done on the continent over the past two to three years and I would like to thank the team for all of their."

The Asian Banker's Middle East and Africa Awards are acknowledged by the financial services industry as the highest possible accolade available to professionals and banks in the industry in the Middle East and Africa.

A stringent three-month evaluation process based on a balanced and transparent scorecard has been used to determine the winners.

About The Asian Banker
The Asian Banker is the region's most authoritative provider of strategic business intelligence to the financial services community. The Singapore-based company has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing and Dubai as well as representatives in London, New York and San Francisco. It has a business model that revolves around three core business lines: publications, research services and forums. The company's website is

About Barclays Africa Credit Card
The Barclays Credit card business has a strong presence in the following markets in Africa: Botswana, Egypt, Ghana, Mozambique, Seychelles, Mauritius, Kenya and Zambia. Credit cards are issued in local currency and can be used in more than 150 countries and 24 million outlets worldwide. One of the unique benefits of a Barclays Credit is the Worldmiles rewards programme. It is the only reward programme in Africa not affiliated to any specific airline, allowing customers to redeem their miles with any airline across the world.

For more information please contact:
Country Head of Communication/Marketing


November 2013

After a big success in 2012

Barclays Bank Egypt Begins 2013 Summer Internship Program

Program is designed to support economy and provide youth with vital experience needed for the workplace

As its standard practice every year, Barclays Bank Egypt launched the 2013 Summer Internship Program (SIP). This program provides university students the opportunity to experience working in a bank and gain vital practical skills, which will be of immense aid in their future working lives and will give them an edge in any future banking career.

After the huge success of last year's program, Barclays Bank Egypt was eager to continue and expand on the SIP, and this year's program includes 153 university students, mostly junior and senior students who were given priority in joining the program before their graduation to assist them in their future careers.

The Summer Internship Program is a reflection of the bank's commitment to support Egyptian society through developing the skills of the younger generations and giving them the capabilities they need to compete in the modern job market.

"This program provides students with a unique opportunity to learn important career-related skills and gain vital experience by getting acquainted with the workflow in a bank and the values that Barclays Bank Egypt works to uphold. It also assists students in setting a future path and goals for themselves by familiarizing them with the different departments in the bank." Ayman Mahana, Barclays Bank Egypt Human Resources Director, stated.

The two-month program started in July 2013, as students were given the opportunity to apply for the through the bank's website and gain experience in numerous departments such as Human Resources, Consumer Banking, Commercial Operations, Collections, Consumer Operations, CRES, Corporate Banking, IT & Risk. Upon completion of the program, all trainees will be invited to a farewell event to meet members of the Country Executive Committee and will receive their program certificates.

Barclays Bank Egypt Celebrates with its Winning Customers in the Second Unlimited Account Draw

Barclays Bank Egypt celebrated the distribution of prizes to ten lucky winners during the second Unlimited Account draw with an event at the bank's City Stars branch.

Barclays Bank Egypt launched the Unlimited account in January 2013 and announced four draws throughout the promotional period, which is set to last for seven months until the end of August 2013. The draw gives Unlimited Account customers the opportunity to walk away with valuable prizes such as LCD TVs, i-Pads, Rolex watches, Harley Davidson motorcycles and a Mercedes-Benz car.

The Unlimited Account is the first of its kind in the Egyptian banking market, combining a unique package of banking services for both individuals and companies, including exemption from initial and monthly fees on the account, a free Barclays Premier League debit card, unlimited withdrawals from ATM machines, free chequebook, free cheque for collection fees and more. Launching this contest raffle in conjunction with the launch of the new account reflects the bank's commitment to developing unique banking products and services that satisfy the needs of customers, while the bank's extensive presence, which extends across Egypt, provides easy access to banking anywhere at anytime.

Barclays Bank Egypt celebrated the announcement of the first round of winners in March 2013, while the third and fourth rounds will be announced in the next couple of months. The fourth and final draw will include the grand prize; a Mercedes-Benz car.

October 2013

In Recognition of their Exceptional Effort over the Past Year

Barclays Bank Egypt Honours 45 Outstanding Employees with Eagle Awards

In a large celebration, Barclays Bank Egypt held its annual Eagle Awards ceremony and recognised 45 colleagues who had exerted exceptional efforts in their individual roles or team tasks over the past year.

Award winners were selected according to well defined criteria, including role modeling Barclays values, outstanding job performance and developing the best ways to complete work tasks. All the winners received certificates of appreciation and gifts during the event, which was held at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel.

Edward Marks, Managing Director of Barclays Bank Egypt, stated, "The Eagle Awards are Barclays most renowned worldwide scheme that we use to recognise employees who have achieved greater success using Barclays values and principles. Our ultimate aim in recognizing these employees is the benefit of their work flows to our customers, employees and therefore the communities we work in. Plus we always aim to support the banking sector by providing innovative banking products and services that stimulate the market."

Ayman Mahana, Human Resources Director at Barclays Bank Egypt, added, "I extend my sincere congratulations to my colleagues who have been honoured for exceeding expectations throughout the past year and acting as role models for others. I hope that next year we will be able to honour more colleagues for their competency and outstanding work."

Barclays Bank Egypt Partners with Universities and is the Golden Sponsor at Cairo University's Employment Fair

Barclays Bank Egypt provides employment opportunities and training programs, as well as advice to job seekers

As part of Barclays Bank Egypt's commitment to prepare Egyptian labour for the market and reach the highest levels of efficiency, the Human Resources team at Barclays Bank Egypt carried out a number of visits at various Egyptian universities. Additionally, Barclays Bank Egypt was the Gold Sponsor at the Cairo University Employment Fair, where the bank provided a number of job opportunities for youth and summer internship programs. The Human Resources team at Barclays Bank Egypt also delivered a presentation at the American University in Cairo (AUC) on its vision for the development of operations and employment.

Ayman Mahana, Human Resources Director at Barclays Bank Egypt, stated "The activities recently conducted by the Human Resources are the start of a number of important initiatives that aim to support our vision of becoming the Go-To bank, not only for our colleagues and customers but also for anyone aspiring for career advice, shifts and advancements."

Mahana added, "If our purpose is to help people achieve their ambitions in the right way, then we must strive to spread this goal and set an example for all those in the market."

Barclays Bank Egypt Resourcing team managed to develop an integrated plan in line with the bank's goal of helping people achieve their ambitions in the best manner. The plan counters on various initiatives that aim to map the critical roles of employees and generating an increase in recruitment referrals, reducing costs and above all improving the skills and awareness of new candidates.

January 2013

Confirming its Confidence in the Egyptian Economy and its Expansion Plans

Barclays Bank Egypt Re-Opens Haram Branch

In a step that confirms its confidence in the Egyptian economy and its commitment to continuing expansion plans, Barclays Bank Egypt re-opened its branch in Haram after relocating to a more spacious site with more advanced facilities to provide better service to customers.

Edward Marks, Managing Director of Barclays Bank Egypt, stated, “Despite the current conditions the Egyptian economy is facing, Barclays Bank is keen to proceed with plans to support the banking sector, through commitment to its expansion strategy and branch development to attract more customers and provide additional job opportunities.”

The new branch provides distinctive services to a large number of retail and Premier customers. A new department was setup for “Premier customers” with all the requirements needed to provide excellent service in the shortest time, helping to increase its customer base, which reflects positively on the bank’s financial portfolio.

The site of Barclays’ new branch in Haram was carefully selected and is located near the touristic area of the pyramids. The new location encompasses a large number of the bank customers in addition to the new ones expected to be drawn to the unique services offered by the branch.

December 2012:

Barclays Bank Egypt Launches Premier Referral Program to Reward Premier Customers with Gold Coins

With excitement we announce that Barclays Bank Egypt is awarding its Premier customers with Gold Coins through the newly launched Premier Referral Program, for referring new clients to join the Barclays Premier family.

The Premier Referral Program invites existing premier customers to nominate friends and relatives to become new customers and to experience our extraordinary banking. With every successful Premier referral the bank’s customer will be gifted one solid Gold Coin from Barclays Bank Egypt.

Barlcays Bank Egypt, Consumer Banking Director, Omar Baig, stated, “We want to recognize the significant contributions of our valued customers in referring their friends and acquaintances to Barclays. The Gold Coin is a symbol of our appreciation of the trust & confidence our customers put in us.”

Proudly, Barclays gifted the first Gold Coin to one of their valued Premier customer at a ceremony at the Premier Centre in Garden City branch.

The program comes within the framework of the bank’s effort to constantly develop new privileges for its customers, while offering exclusive banking services and a wide array of retail and corporate products designed to meet the needs of customers through the bank’s network across Egypt.

Providing One of a Kind Experience

Barclays Bank Egypt proudly rewards its customers to go watch their favorite Premier league football

players in the UK under the Barclays Premier League sponsorship Program

In a unique and unmatched way, Barclays Bank Egypt is rewarding its customers who are using their Barclays Premier League Debit Cards to enter a draw to win an all-inclusive trip for 2 to attend an exciting English Premier League match in the United Kingdom as part of the bank’s ongoing commitment to provide exclusive experiences and services.

November 2012

Barclays Bank Egypt Sponsors Exclusive Allegria Home Fair at Sodic

Barclays Bank Egypt sponsored the largest home fair event by Sodic, Allegria Home Fair, bringing together reputable and biggest home furnishing and appliance dealers in one place in November.

Barclays Bank Egypt Barclays has recently launched the new Platinum Worldmiles Visa credit card that enables customers to fly anywhere, at any time with any airline benefiting from the Platinum Miles rewards program where cardholder can earn 2 free miles by purchasing with 1LE.

Allegria Home Fair, in partnership with Designopolis, provided people who have purchased units in Allegria an exclusive opportunity to explore various shops, designers and styles to help them furnish their new homes. The event featured entertainment activities for children of all ages as well as exciting gifts of plasma screens from Barclays Bank Egypt and many more gifts.

Barclays Bank Egypt launches the exclusive “Platinum Worldmiles Visa credit card”

Barclays Bank Egypt has launched the new and exclusive Barclays Platinum Worldmiles Visa credit card in Egypt.

The exclusive Worldmiles loyalty program enables customers to fly anywhere, with any airline, at any time and for free just by spending on their credit card. In addition to this, the first 1,500 new customers will get 20,000 bonus miles to help them on their way. The card enables customers to earn 2 Worldmiles for every EGP 1 spent on the card and the value this delivers is significantly higher than any other card in the market.

Further to this, customers will benefit from exclusive offers, free supplementary cards and SMS alerts, market leading installment plans, purchase protection, free for life offer based on spend and much more. Exclusive offers with the card include discounts from partners such as Europcar, Hilton hotels, Bose, Iram jewelry as well as a wide variety of discounts and benefits from Visa worldwide.

Upon the launch of the card, Omar Baig, Consumer Banking Director of Barclays Egypt, stated: “We are extremely excited to introduce the Barclays Platinum Worldmiles credit card for our customers in Egypt. This is a unique card that enables our customers to earn air miles on any airline and is part of our commitment to provide great value products in Egypt.”

“Visa is thrilled to be launching the new Barclays Visa Platinum Worldmiles Card in Egypt. The new Barclays Platinum Visa Card provides the ideal added value for frequent travelers, rewarding every purchase made on the card with travel miles. Now not only does your Visa card make it easier to go anywhere, it literally takes you anywhere.” Tarek Elhousseiny, General Manager for Visa North and Francophone Africa, stated.

Barclays Bank has been in Egypt since 1864 and is committed to delivering exemplary service to its customers with market leading products to meet their needs.

October 2012

Barclays Bank Egypt Appoints Edward Marks as Managing Director

 Barclays Bank Egypt Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Edward Marks as Managing Director.

With a history of remarkable accomplishments, Edward Marks was most recently appointed as Interim Managing Director, a position he has successfully held since October 2011 and concurrently with his responsibilities as Corporate Banking Director for Barclays Egypt.

Edward Marks is a rare talent and his appointment ascertains Barclays committment and continued investments in the Egyptian market. The breadth and wealth of expertise he is bringing to the role will surely allow the bank to achieve further success and to build upon its 150 years of strong presence in Egypt.

Prior to his appointment in Egypt, Edward occupied a number of leading positions, such as the Head of Structured Finance, Marine & Corporate Jets for Barclays and was a Senior Vice President at Citibank in addition to various senior roles in Omega Leasing Limited and ING Lease, where he leveraged his solid and determined banking experience.

Over the period of 25 years, Edward has amassed a balanced experience including people management, operation, and resource management and is a skilled business and market developer with strong leadership and project management skills. Edward also has over six years of accumulated work experience in the Egyptian market place.

Born and educated in the United Kingdom & the USA , Edward is a member of numerous civic, educational and community organisations.

August 2012

For 3 more seasons

Barclays Bank PLC Extends Its Sponsorship of the Premier League Through 2016

6 Egyptian winners from Barclays Egypt to attend Premier League Football match in August

Barclays Bank PLC and the Premier League have agreed on a new 3 years deal seasons (from 2013-14) until the end of the 2015-16 season to continue as the global title sponsor of the Barclays Premier League .

The agreement includes the global title sponsorship of the Barclays Premier League and gives Barclays Bank PLC exclusive worldwide marketing rights, UK and international TV program accreditation, extensive advertising rights, match day tickets and hospitality as well as joint community activity.

Edward Marks, Managing Director of Barclays Bank Egypt, stated, “Barclays Bank PLC is pleased to announce the extension of Barclays sponsorship of arguably world’s most renowned football league for an additional three seasons. The bank’s ongoing sponsorship of the Barclays Premier League is a continuation of its long association with football and its commitment to the world’s most popular sport.

The Barclays Premier League is broadcast for over 185,000 hours per season, reaching 212 territories and over 650 million homes with a cumulative global audience of 4.7 billion.

Barclays Bank Egypt announced six lucky winners from among its customers to attend a live Premier League match during the new season, which begins August 2012.

Customers had the opportunity to participate in a monthly quiz-draw for spending EGP 1,000 using their Barclays Premier League credit card. Winners are invited on an exclusive trip that includes flight tickets to the UK for the winner and a companion, two Barclays Premier League match tickets, hotel accommodation for two and transportation to the match stadium.

One of the six winners said, “I am very excited to be among the monthly winners and to be given such a unique chance to attend a Barclays Premier League match live in the UK. Barclays Bank Egypt consistently provides its customers with exclusive opportunities that sets them apart from the rest.

July 2012

Under the slogan “An Experience to Remember”

Barclays Bank Egypt Launches its Two-Month

Summer Internship Program (SIP)

A first time win for Barclays Bank Egypt

Barclays Egypt team Recognized at the 16th Annual Barclays Citizenship Awards in London

Barclays Bank Egypt received its first time award at the 16th annual Barclays Citizenship Awards, held in London on June 19th. The Awards celebrate Barclays employees’ outstanding contribution to their local communities. and recognizes employees for their outstanding work across their local communities and around the world.

Competing against more than 500 teams across 30 countries, Egypt team “Spettro” received the team award for the Middle East and Indian Ocean region. The team demonstrated passion and commitment and took an innovative approach to addressing issues and needs of youth in Egypt. The team exerted exceptional efforts in working with more than 150 undergraduate students to prepare them for the labor market, empowering them with the necessary life skills.

Edward Marks, Barclays Bank Egypt Managing Director, stated, “This year’s awards mark the first time for one of our teams in Egypt to receive recognition for their hard work in their local communities. This award reflects the banks ongoing commitment to encourage and support our employees to undertake sustainable programs and initiatives that enable development, particularly in terms of youth employment.”

With Egypt’s youth unemployment problem, the Spettro team realized the need to work with undergraduates to equip them with the skills, tools and knowledge needed to prepare them to enter the labour market. Through their initiative, the team organized and helped the program, which developed and enhanced the capacity of students over several months. Students learned about the fundamentals of banking, including money handling, finance and accounting.

The Spettro team recognized program participants by hosting a graduation ceremony with certificates for students who have successfully completed the program.

The 2012 Barclays Citizenship Awards were hosted by various senior executives from across Barclays and in the presence of various international organizations and foundations.

June 2012

Barclays Egypt Q1 PAT 78% Up

Barclays Egypt announced its Q1 financial results where Profit after Tax grew to reach EGP 70.953 M, 78% ahead of Q1 2011. Despite the challenging economic and political situation, profits increased, driven by robust performance across all lines and segments.

“The largest contributor to our improved profitability is growth of 20% on net interest income and fees versus prior year, in addition to lower impairment charges which dropped to EGP 27.8M, 62% lower than last year. The improvement in impairment is a reflection of the bank’s prudent and effective risk management strategies.

Furthermore, Barclays Egypt continued its focus on improving efficiency and cost control which was reflected in closing Q1 administrative expenses at EGP 119 M, 1% lower than last year, despite continued investments in systems and people.” said Soha El-Turky, Barclays Egypt Finance Director.

"I am pleased with our performance, given it was delivered against a backdrop of turbulent economic, political conditions and ongoing business interruptions. Our business model has moreover enabled us to generate solid quarter on quarter improvements. This was clearly reflected in the increase in Q1 2012 PAT which was 26% higher than Q4 2011, where 2011 performance was largely impacted by the political and economic instability in the country.” El-Turky added.With the aspiration to be one of the top financial institutions in Egypt, Barclays is achieving accelerated progress towards delivering sustainable performance and reaching aspired goals. This is evidenced by a 9% growth in customer assets, adding EGP 0.5bn to our portfolio primarily through growth in corporate lending. Furthermore, the business has approved 321.3 M EGP in additional lines in Q1 to support economic growth.

This is also evidenced by a profitable Retail business, closing Q1 with EGP 5.8 M EGP versus a loss of EGP 43.3 M EGP Q1 last year. Key retail banking achievements introduced in the first quarter included all-time highest records in bookings of Secured Loans, Cards, Premier acquisitions, Liabilities revenue, and Credit Card Insurance. This increase was attributed to some enhanced facilities that Barclays launched during the first quarter to provide better customer service such as creating a unified source of information for all customer facing employees, converting the Contact Centre to be a profit centre by allowing the call centre agents to perform some transactional banking activities in addition to the launch of the “Barclays Premier League” campaign which offers a bundle of banking products allowing customers to travel and watch Barclays Premier League Matches Live in the UK.

“At Barclays, we believe that the best way to support the wide range of our stakeholders is by running a strong, profitable and growing business, which creates jobs and contributes to our communities. In our view, that is the basis for being a force for good. We are not solely interested in contributing to growth today, but we also want to help individuals, businesses and economies progress in ways that will contribute to sustainable growth tomorrow.” said Edward Marks- Barclays Managing Director.We measure our success towards these business priorities against key pillars, the first is "Contributing to growth in the real economy" through increasing commercial lending focus and supporting trade and exporters by leveraging our strong presence in Africa. Another measure is "The way we do business": as our clients' interests are at the heart of everything we do, we reinforce our business integrity by striving to improve the service that we provide. In Q1 complaints reached to only 1,638 while in 2011, we managed to reduce the number of complaints to 5,931 from 29,628 in 2010. We have also increased efficiency in complaint resolution and have improved overall customer satisfaction rates to 8.4% according to the latest customer satisfaction survey in Q1 2012 up from 8.2% in Q4 2011>


The third and last is "supporting our community" through bank sponsored community investment programs and direct efforts of our employees.

In 2011, we invested EGP1mn in community activities. Additionally, we supported 400 people primarily starting their enterprise, employment and money management skills. We also supported 1300 colleagues in providing their times, skills and money to help disadvantaged people during 2011, up 14% on 2010

Barclays has moreover led on some big Community Initiatives one of which was founding and chairing the British-Egyptian CSR Coalition to pool resources and expertise of some 19 BEBA members allowing for larger scale projects in our communities. The first project launched by this coalition was to develop shantytowns in Cairo and supporting vocational training. Barclays has also celebrated the closing of the 3-year global partnership, “Building Young Futures-Meshwary” hosted by the implementing partners, Unicef. The event celebrated the joint success in reaching over 38,000 young people in 10 governorates nationwide by providing them with the skills needed to have a better economical future.

“It is likely that the challenging environment will continue throughout 2012, and we know that we have a lot more work to do. But as we adjust and respond to the changes in our markets and workplace, we must remain focused on the foundations of our future strategic priorities by creating synergies between our main segments; retail and corporate business”, Marks concluded.

Barclays Bank Egypt Holds Exclusive Economic Forum for its Customers

Barclays Bank Egypt hosts an insightful event featuring Alia Moubayed, Barclays Capital Senior Economist – Middle East and North Africa, exclusively addressing Barclays customers on June 26, 2012 at Four Seasons Nile Plaza.

Alia Moubayed, the Middle East and North Africa economic researcher based in London, will discuss the economic outlook for Egypt as well as the Middle East and North Africa as the region continues to witness significant historical and economical changes.

The event also entails a question and answer session with Alia Moubayed, to provide Barclays customers the opportunity to gain insightful information and analysis to all their pressing economic questions and concerns.

May 2012

Barclays Egypt - Head of Legal Amal Moussa Wins the Barclays Group Shine Recognition Award

For Excellence in Managing the Local Legal Team

On Wednesday, February 29th, 2012, Amal Moussa - BBE Head of Legal - was awarded the Barclays Group Shine Recognition Award during the Legal Open Forum.

The Shine Recognition Awards are held on a biannual basis to recognise colleagues across Barclays worldwide who stand out and demonstrate outstanding achievements.

The scheme honours individuals and teams across Barclays legal departments who exhibit Behaviours, which fall under 4 categories: Be commercial, Be influential, Be strategic and Be collegial. These Behaviours establish a consistent set of standards for the entire legal team to aspire to. Additionally, they enable the legal function strategy, which aims to improve Barclays’ combination of legal expertise and its commercial edge to ultimately deliver quality for stakeholders and customers.

Award nominees are selected across Barclays Group employees, from which the winners are then chosen by a judging panel, which includes members of the Barclays Group legal operating committee.The award came in recognition of Amal’s exceptional efforts in managing the local Legal team and the Legal risks and issues that arose during Egypt’s civil up rise in the most efficient manner, quoting from the nomination statement by the judging panel:

“Few of us have experienced managing a Legal team and Legal risk in a bank in a country going through a political revolution. The legal and regulatory environment has been turned upside down by the revolution. Amal, the Head of Legal in Egypt, is the only one amongst us who is fluent in English and Arabic and dual qualified and experienced in English and Egyptian law. She has managed the legal aspects entire crisis in the most self-sufficient way, carrying her local management and board with her on all key issues, and assisting colleagues from across the globe struggling to understand the intricate position on the ground. Collegial, Influential, Commercial.”

Amal joined Barclays Bank Egypt as Head of Legal more than three years ago. During this time, she has managed the Legal department with full responsibility for managing the legal risks of the Bank as well as managing the Board of Directors’ governance framework. Amal also sits as a member of the Bank’s executive committee for Egypt. Amal is a dual qualified lawyer, registered as a solicitor at the Law Society of England & Wales and at the Egyptian Bar Association. She has extensive experience in private practice between London and Cairo with Trowers & Hamlins LLP, where she advised on various banking acquisitions including advising on the successful acquisition of the Bank of Alexandria by Sanpaolo ImI, the submission of a joint bid by the CBK consortium for the Acquisition of Al Watany Bank of Egypt and the bid preparation and due diligence exercise conducted by SAMBA in connection with the privatization of Banque du Caire. This is in addition to her experience with loan facilities and syndications, capital markets transactions, establishment of investment funds and drafting the suite of documentation, as well as mortgage finance and factoring.

Amal holds a BA in Law and Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies and an LLM in Banking and Finance Law from the London School of Economics.

April 2012

Barclays Bank Egypt Sponsored the "We Love Egypt" Tourism Revival Event in Hurghada

Barclays Bank Egypt sponsored the “We Love Egypt” event on 25th and 26th March 2011 at Marina Boulevard Hotel in Hurghada to revive the tourism industry and regain tourists’ trust in Egypt. Barclays’ Hurghada team participated in the two-day event, interacting with customers and visitors including tourists, city residents and tourism businessmen, who were thrilled at Barclays’ presence and its commitment to the community in which it operates.

Barclay’s foreign customers were also very glad to see the eagle logo associated with this noble-cause event and the serious and fast steps taken by Barclays towards reviving Egypt’s tourism.

The weekend festival featured live music, street entertainment, family and kids activities and exciting giveaways that generated enthusiasm throughout the city, bringing back the fascinating spirit of the Red Sea.

March 2012

Barclays Announced Winner to Attend Premier League

MatchUnique Banking Products Launched to Meet Needs of Customers within the Competition

All Expenses Paid Trip for Two to England.

Barclays is always introducing to its customers unique experiences in addition to its products as part of its commitment for excellence, Barclays Bank Egypt announced the winner of the Barclays Premier League debit card quiz draw – Hamdy Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim, a customer at the bank’s Port Said branch, who won a trip to England to attend the Premier League match on April 9th between two of the Premier League’s biggest teams, Fulham versus Chelsea.

Nabeel Batlay, Head of Deposits & Transactional banking, of Barclays Bank Egypt, stated, “it is a once in a lifetime experience that we offer to our customers to go watch their favorite champions live.”


:The prize covers the expenses of two plane tickets to UK, allowing the winner to take a companion, as well as two match tickets & accommodation expenses", Batlay added.

Barclays Bank Egypt launched the Barclays Premier League program for debit card users last year, featuring four new distinguished banking products, including Barclays Premier Savings Account and Barclays Premier League Debit Card. Worth to mention that Barclays flew so far 6 winner last year

February 2012

Under the Umbrella of the British-Egyptian Business Association (BEBA)

Barclays Egypt Establishes British-Egyptian CSR Coalition

MOU signed with Cairo Governorate to Develop Vocational Training in Shantytowns.

During 2011, Barclays Bank Egypt established a CSR coalition amongst British and Egyptian companies with the goal of joining forces to develop Egyptian communities. The coalition, which took on the British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) as a partner, has reached 19 members. The coalition has established a goal of developing vocational skills of individuals living in Cairo’s shantytowns.

This goal was formalized at a special luncheon in the attendance of H.E. Dr. Abdel Kawi Khalifa, Governor of Cairo, through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU). The MoU was also signed by Mr. Omar Elsayeh, Chairman of both Barclays Bank Egypt and the British/Egyptian CSR coalition and Mr. Hazem Hassan, BEBA Chairman.

In his remarks, Mr. Omar Elsayeh stated, “I am fortunate to represent the British-Egyptian CSR coalition that includes 19 of the largest Egyptian and British BEBA member companies, under which this alliance operates.

Elsayeh added, “Barclays Bank Egypt developed the idea of creating an entity, for the participation of major companies operating in the Egyptian market that are known for their commitment to supporting local communities or any company willing to invest in this field. The bank formed an initial outlook of what can be achieved through the collaboration of the financial and human resources at companies that support and believe in this idea.

Omar Elsayeh stressed his belief in the power inherent in human capital in any institution, which can overcome obstacles to pave the way for a brighter future. Identifying a common objective and goal is the real challenge for the success of any social initiative if all efforts are exerted at the right time and in the right way.

April 5, 2011

Barclays Egypt Celebrated International Women’s Day through an Open Space Approach to Empower Women

celebrated International Women’s Day in partnership with the Near East Foundation and the Centre for Development Service (CDS). The event which was held on March 30, 2011 at the Four Seasons Hotel Nile Plaza aimed at providing a supportive environment to enhance women’s careers as well as a sustainable platform to increase the visibility of women through an Open Space approach.


As one of Barclays Egypt’s female leaders, the celebration featured guest of honor Joman Salama, Barclays Bank Egypt Technology and Business Integration Director, who shared her extensive experience that spans 20 years.

According to Joman Salama, “Across Barclays Bank Egypt, the percentage of men to women is almost equal with 48 percent of females constituting approximately 28 percent of Barclays Egypt’s senior leadership team. The goal is to increase females' representation in leadership positions"

The forum’s Open Space approach provided participants the opportunity to create their own discussion topics and teams, including training workshops, awareness sessions, open discussions and practical exercises.

Through this innovative and stimulating approach, Barclays Egypt launched the first Women in Network (WIN) forum to present interactive solutions and intervention programs to support several key objectives including the progress of women to senior levels through mentoring and coaching, empowering and encouraging women to aim high, improving the ability to attract and retain talented women in the business, enhancing the employee value proposition for female colleagues, increasing knowledge sharing and balancing the distribution of women and men across all grades.

The event closed with the recognition of 14 female employees of Barclays Bank Egypt who were rated as top performers in 2010. They include Aliaa Mohamed Salah, Amani Elhadidy, Christine Nagati, Dalia Eliwa, Dina Tawdy, Fatma Samir, Gehan Elkateb, Hend Gomaa, Mona El Sawi, Nadia Shannon, Nevine Emil, Reham Moatassem, Reham Siam, and Sherine Gamea.