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Retail Banking Electronic Statement Terms & Conditions

Retail banking electronic statement terms and conditions

The application and the terms and conditions:
By signing this application, or accepting it through electronic means, the customer consents to receive, his/her bank statement(s) through electronic delivery (“e-statement”) and authorizes the bank To charge him/her for paper statements received through the post starting the month of December 2013.

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Barclaycard Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Usage Personal Barclays Credit Cards

This application is considered to be the entire Agreement between Barclays and the cardholder, which determines terms, conditions of card usage and issuance:

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Barclayloan Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions
By virtue of this contract the borrower agrees that the bank has the sole right to decide the loan amount and installment dates, which may contradict with the borrower's application form.

By virtue of this contract the borrower agrees to settle the loan amount on monthly installments, the due dates of which, will be specified by the bank upon approval on borrower's request.

The Borrower confirms his/her approval on the terms and conditions mentioned herein which will be confirmed in details through a notification sent from the bank after assessing and approving the loan request. This notice is considered to be an integral part of this contract.

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Auto loan Terms & Conditins

Terms and Conditions
Whereas the Borrower has submitted an application dd/mm/yyyy to The Bank to obtain Car Financing Loan by the amount of EGP(Only ....... Egyptian Pounds) to be utilized for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle from a Car Dealer approved by The Bank (referred to herein as "Car Dealer"). Whereas, The Bank has agreed to grant the Borrower the said loan amount according to and under terms, conditions and against guarantees indicated in this contract also to the signed application dd/mm/yyyy by parties after declaration and acknowledged their respective qualification to enter this contract, and agreed as follows:

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Time Deposit Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions in addition to the general terms and conditions of opening the account shall constitute the entire agreement between the Bank and the Time Deposit holder who accepts to keep a defined amount of money blocked at the Bank for a specified period.

Sponsorship Disclaimer

Barclays Bank Egypt Sponsorship will be conducted in accordance with the following principles:
a. Barclays Bank Egypt adheres to criteria where we look for sponsorships that will help form positive associations with our brand. Our brand purpose is to help people achieve their ambitions in the right way and we are looking for sponsorship partners that can support us with that ambition:
b. Barclays Bank Egypt adheres to Group policy and procedures as to ensure adequate rigour in the adherence to governance requirements;:
c. A 3-week notice period is required in advance to review and/or accept proposals in compliance with internal policies.

Please contact our Events & Sponsorships Senior Manager via email Shaden.Fawaz@barclays.com.

Free Transaction Campaign

Free Transaction Campaign Terms & Conditions